Costs and Benefits

Nearly the speed of a metro, nearly at the price of a tram

The perfect application area for LCRT are classical perimeter block quarters with rather wide roads, here LCRT achieves the biggest improvement of the relationship between costs and quality. Closer to the city center, costs rise a bit and speed decreases, but costs of conventional metros and speed of conventional trams get worse similarly. If LCRT does not bypass the historic old town, it can be only crossed by conventional tunneling at costs similar to those of a metro. On the other hand, in the suburbs, conventional rapid trams can represent some alternative.

Efficient connection through the whole city

Opposed to conventional trams, the length of LCRT trainsets is not limited by the requirements of mixed traffic of tram and cars. Therefore, a direct LCRT line can connect city quarters of all mentioned structures without interchanges, avoiding the capacity restricions of conventional trams and outside the historic centers the unnecessary high costs of a metro.