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Proposal of a

Three-in-one Multi-purpose Bike

Leisure tandem
Cargo bike
Family vehicle
Rain cover

Three purposes

  1. Leisure tandem: the semi-recumbent construction ensures good visibility and easy balancing for the steering rider on the rear seat as well as the comfort of a recumbent bike for the rider in the front.
  2. Cargo bike: as common for the most cargo bikes, the load is placed in front of the rider.
  3. Family vehicle: enough space for two children and some luggage, well monitored in front of the rider.

Various configurations

  1. Bicycle: the two-wheel configuration has less weight, is better suitable for higher speed and narrow paths and needs less space for storage.
  2. Tricycle: the three-wheeler can be loaded and unloaded more easily, the payload is higher and uphill grades can be passed more slowly with less physical effort. The tricycle can be adapted to load and weather conditions by shifting the front wheels:
    • A short wheelbase means less risk of lateral toppling and more ground clearance, but also less weight on the driven rear wheel. This configuration is most suitable on dry surface and without load.
    • The configuration with the long wheelbase is more suitable, if the vehicle is heavily loaded: In this case, the low centre of gravity makes lateral toppling unlikely, but with the short wheelbase, too few weight on the driven wheel could cause wheelspin in bad weather conditions or toppling over the front wheels in case of braking.

Rain cover

Why a multi-purpose Bike?

Why a reversed seat for the second rider?

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