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The Low-cost Velomobile

Results of a research project about a new type of vehicle for short trips in rural areas

The aim of the low-cost velomobil is to enlarge catchment areas and passenger potentials of public transport in rural areas and to reduce the need to own a car. Within the research project "RegInnoMobil" there has been drafted an assembly set of a recumbent tricycle with an aluminum skeleton and a textile cover. There was regarded to practical requirements, traffic safety and social inclusivenes: The velomobile has loading space for two children and some goods, and a textile coverage to protect driver and children in case of bad weather conditions. Compared with currently offered velomobiles, which are optimized for higher speed, it is significant cheaper and thanks to more loading space more practical for various daily trips. The lower price is to be achieved by less technical perfectness and eventually by sale as an assembly set. Nevertheless, the tricycle velomobile turned out to be too unconventional to be more widely accepted on the market, so it would not be possible to achieve the intended low price because of inevitably unusual components and developement costs.
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Details about requirements and the draft as well as market opportunities of the low-cost velomobile can be looked up in the final report(in german language only).

Alternative Solution

In order to reduce developement costs and the need for unusual components, a structure, which is based on somewhat common types of special bikes would be favourable. Furthermore it would be helpful, if relevant parts, e.g. the rear part of the frame with gear and chain drive would be identical to conventional bicycles. Therefore, a more promising approach might be a three-in-one multi-purpose special bike

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Financed by the Austrian ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology within the programme „ways2go“