Guideway and running gear

The guideway of the pillar-track people mover consist just out of supporting pillars with a distance between them of less than a half of the vehicle's length, so the vehicle can not topple over. The vehicle is equipped with a special crawler-type running gear, rolling with a planar running tread inside the vehicle over rollers, which are mounted on the chain links lying on the pillar. The vehicle has two chains (a left one and a right one), the supporting pillars have not only horizontal supporting areas, but also vertical bearing elements in order to avoid lateral derailment.
For minimizing the deflection of the overhanging part of the vehicle, which could lead to unacceptable material stress when touching the next pillar, there can be applied a construction with an outer and an inner beam. Thus, the overhanging part of the outer beam is never supposed to the load of passengers, interior and the engine.


Curves with big radius

Curves with a radius of several hundred meters, which are passed with high speed and include many pillars, are solved with laterally movable supporting units, bearing rollers and a bearing element on the vehicle, which is elastically deformed accordingly to the curve radius.

Curves with small radius

For curves with small radius, e.g. above roads in settlement areas, turntables are used.