Infrastructure of the pillar-track regional people mover


As supporting pillars, spun concrete pillars of about 30 cm diametr are used. The height of the pillars is: Roads and smaller rivers can be crossed without a conventional bridge with supporting framework, smaller paths are crossing the track on a lowered level. The distance between the pillars is 5 m, the maximum steep is 20%.

The foundation of the pillars is realised as a cylinder out of rings of tubbings, filled partly with ballast and concrete. The depth of the foundation is 2-4 m, the diametr 1-2 m. In case of special requirements other solutions are possible, e.g. slighter, more aesthetic pillars out of steel as well as founding with piles or plates. in case of bad soil conditions.


Stations are simple platforms, if necessary with a ramp or an elevator. Junction stations are arranged as a parallelogram with platforms on the inside at the same level in order to enable as short distances for changing passengers as possible.


As switches at line branchings turntables are used, parallel switches are made as transfer tables.