Questions & Answers

Do you have any prototype vehicle?
Is an autonomous 2-wheeler technically feasible?
How will 2-wheel PRT work with snow and ice?
Will the existing road network be replaced by 2-wheel PRT?
Isn't it inefficient to build a completely new road network?
Do you propose expropriation for network construction?
Why do you propose something similar to a motorway as ecological - what about landscape and wildlife?
All electric vehicles are ecological, so why is energy efficiency so important?
Why do you propose 80 km/h as the maximum speed?
Why do you propose 2-wheel PRT for rural and suburban areas? Probably there would be more demand in cities or in long-distance travel?
Shall 2-wheel PRT completely replace public transport as it is more energy efficient?
When will 2-wheel PRT be realized?
Will it be possible to buy individual vehicles?
What will be the fares for using 2-wheel PRT?
Shall 2-wheel PRT be profitable or subsidized?
Shall 2-wheel PRT work as a state monopoly without any kind of competition?
Is 2-wheel PRT also suitable for freight?
Is 2-wheel PRT suitable for developing and emerging countries?